Amaro Foods


Confectionery/sweet range


Gluten-free baked products

Hot cross buns

Naan breads

Soft white and brown rolls

Speciality breads, rolls and baguettes




Private Label/Dealer Own Brands



No 34A

Cochrane Avenue Epping 1

Cape Town

PO Box 113

Durbanville 7551

T: +27 21 507 7500

F: +27 21 507 7501

Breaking bread is the oldest of family rituals – and when it comes to baking it, few are more revered than Amaro Foods.

Producing and supplying bakery products, including soft rolls, a braai range, croissants, speciality breads, wraps and hot cross buns (a regular winner of the Hot Cross Bun of the Year award) to Woolworths nationally, this bakery’s manufacturing facilities are based in Epping and Killarney Gardens in Cape Town. The Amaro Foods bakery produces goods of the highest quality, which can be attributed to the skill of its workforce and the quality of the ingredients. The items produced by the bakery are made using traditional processes and ingredients. Amaro Foods has a separate gluten-free processing facility.

“Since we have been part of Libstar, there has been a focus on increasing output and efficiency. A great example of this was the R37-million investment into a new par-baked frozen facility. This presented an opportunity for us to break into a key new market and strengthen our partnership with Woolworths, based on the international trend to freshly bake bread products in store from par-baked frozen products rather than from raw. We’ve been a partner to Woolworths in the baking category since 1976.”
Tony Amaro, Amaro Foods.