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Every family has one: a secret flourish, a well-guarded sprinkle and a time-seasoned dash of experience.

These family secrets are firmly held within the confidence of Cape Herb & Spice: it provides the ingredients, you create the story. Cape Herb procures, blends, treats, packages and sells a wide range of innovatively packaged herbs and spices as private-label and branded products to foreign and local retailers.

Cape Herb & Spice also supplies premium private-label teas to the South African and international markets. The company was founded in 1994 in Cape Town, a city where the mix of European, African and Asian culture has resulted in a rich culinary heritage. Today, the company continues Cape Town’s tradition as a hub for the spice trade as it procures its spices from all around the world.

Cape Herb & Spice owes its success to the top-quality ingredients used in all of its products, and its state-of-the-art facilities, managed according to international food safety standards. The company’s factory is considered one of the best of its kind, and has been certified by several independent food-safety companies. It is also regularly audited by many of the company’s international and local private-label clients.

“Cape Herb & Spice has created a quality system that can meet the requirements of top retailers across the world. We supply, amongst others, Trader Joe's in the USA, Loblaws in Canada, Aldi in Australia & UK and Globus in Switzerland. We are known for innovation of flavour and packaging and customers come to us for a full solution that consistently delivers quality. Locally we are proud to have been the pioneers in non-irradiated spices.”
Paul Jibson, Cape Herb & Spice