The Libstar Family

At Libstar, we believe that over the years we have built more than just a holding company. We have built a home: a home in which each company is a vital part of our family; each member a family of its own. With this approach, we believe all stakeholders will feel in our portfolio of products the warmth, care and connection that all good homes and families share.

Our family of companies can be divided into seven distinct categories. The categorisation in the food, beverage and household-care product industries creates structure within the family of companies. This ensures efficiency and the highest manufacturing standards for the products that end up in homes across South Africa and around the world.

Each company that operates within the Libstar group has a unique set of products and world-class manufacturing capabilities, which makes for a diverse and robust portfolio of businesses that Libstar is proud to have in its home of families.

Core Categories

The production, perfection, advancement and enjoyment of food is at the heart of our core categories. This essential part of the Libstar family extends across traditions, continents, flavours and brands.

While they may have an expiry date, these products hardly ever reach it as they are enjoyed with relish in all sorts of family recipes – or just on their own. These staples of the South African diet are always fresh and full of goodness.

Finding their way onto the shelves of household-name supermarkets – and into the pantries and cupboards of South African homes – these creations are favourites across the taste spectrum.

Any between-meals time is snack time, and our Libstar family produces some of South Africa’s solid-gold favourites. Whether you’re on the run, exploring the outdoors or relaxing at home, they’re always within arm’s reach.

The aroma of freshly baked goods is at the heart of the South African home. The products our Libstar family creates at the break of each day find their way into the lives of millions.

Non-Core Categories

While food is at the centre of our business, these key categories allow us to apply our expertise across a wider field, as both are also an essential part of the South African home and the Libstar family.

Cleanliness is next to godliness in every South African family’s home. Our house-proud nation relies on the products the Libstar family manufactures for its daily routine of keeping things clean.

Refreshing and invigorating the nation after a long day on the sports field, at work or at home, our waters take their secret recipes directly from the purest mountain springs to quench South Africa’s thirst.

Whatever the shape or size, our food and drinks often travel with us across our beautiful nation. Packaging that precious cargo is what our Libstar family does with its specialised solutions.

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