Whatever your memory of it is.

The distant hum of a lawnmower. A familiar scent enticing from an oven.

A faint breeze across summer lawns. An old song drifting through an open window.

Anticipation as the braai wood is lit beneath blue jet-plane skies. A choir of joy from the pool.

The chaos of a family get-together. The simple time machine that transports you back there via an old family recipe.

To a place only you know, but which we all share. The feeling of home.

Everything we create at Libstar is used in homes, and brings families together.

Who We Are

Libstar was founded in 2005 to acquire and grow operations in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.

Everything we create is used in homes and brings families together. We therefore aim to permeate a family culture throughout our group, with several of our companies having originated as, and still existing as, family-operated businesses.

This homegrown entrepreneurial spirit allows us to pursue perfection and insistent passion.

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The Libstar Family

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