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Business Model

As One Libstar, we unlock value through the sustainable, profitable growth of our select portfolio of consumer-inspired food brands and the development of innovative category solutions.

  • We achieve this by being trusted partners, working closely with our customers and constantly enhancing our reputation as South Africa’s leading producer and distributor of high-quality products and brand solutions for packaged consumer goods.
  • Our enduring passion and commitment to quality food drives our success. Uniting as one team, we celebrate diversity and take pride in working collectively in an honest, accountable culture which fosters inspired action in a supportive, safe environment.

What we do:

We have a platform of diverse geographies, channels and brand solutions. This not only diversifies our risk, but also allows us to service each customer though multiple offerings. We create lasting partnerships with our customers, with many relationships spanning more than 20 years.

We create value for shareholders through a diverse and robust portfolio of businesses
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Drive focused protection and growth of brands, private label solutions and category positing

Continue to optimise and reposition our portfolio towards value-added food categories

Focus on key competencies

Grow categories and market share

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Secured by:
  • Global exposure to high-growth food categories
  • Marketplace and category expertise
  • Value-added diversification
  • World-class manufacturing
  • Catering to changing consumer needs
  • Depth of talent
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Focus on operational excellence and execution, developing our people, measuring efficiencies, cost and margin management and strong cash generation

Increased focus on costs and the interplay with selling prices

Maintain and improve service levels

Execute on strategic acquisitions